Bosch Built-in Automatic Coffee Centre (Stainless Steel) (TKN68E750B)

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Unique "Aroma Whirl" system which guarantees optimum flavour extraction giving your coffee an unique flavour

·  Cup size, strength and degree of grinding can be selected

·  Push button bean to cup operation for coffee, espresso, cappuccino and filter coffee

·  Steam and hot water function for tea

·  Unique fully automatic rinse programme

·  15 bar "Thermoblock" pump pressure

·  Frothing nozzle for cappucino

·  Automatic cleaning and de-scaling programmes

·  Clear text multilingual display

·  Timer and temperature function

·  Fully programmable functions for coffee choice and language display selection

·  Push button control with 2 central rotary controls

·  400g coffee bean container with aroma retaining lid

·  Separate container for pre-ground coffee

·  Height adjustable dispenser

·  Removable 1.8 litre water tank capacity

·  Water hardness adjustable

·  Electronic control

·  Colour co-ordinated controls

·  Automatic shut off and energy saving standby function

·  Grinding/brewing capacity 7-14g pf beans

·  Fits in a standard 45cm aperture