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A whole new range of exciting and interactive entertainment possibilities

Outstanding high definition picture quality is only the start of the Blu-ray revolution; Blu-ray technology also enables a new range of exciting and interactive entertainment possibilities. If you have ever wanted to watch your favourite film with the director or lead actor explaining significant moments in the film, BonusView is your backstage pass to the world behind the silver screen.

Picture-in-picture and Audio-Mixing Functions
The ‘Picture-in-Picture’ functionality provides a second small window which can be watched simultaneously on the screen in where, by example, actors and directors can give enhanced commentary about the scene you are watching; whilst the ‘Audio-Mixing’ function lets you choose the soundtrack you would like to listen to: the one from the content playing in the main window, the one from the small second window, or both at the same time. BonusView allows you to truly direct your own entertainment experience.

This whole new generation of bonus material is made possible through the advanced Blu-ray hardware ‘profiles’ which enable interactive functions. BonusView is the first of advanced profile, utilising 256MB local storage (used for storing audio/visual and title updates) and also secondary video and audio decoders, which is typically to allow Picture-in-Picture interactive audio and commentary.

BD liveBD-Live supporting Internet enabled content
An even more advanced profile, called BD-Live can connect to the Internet and play Blu-ray movies that have Internet-enabled content, such as interactive multiplayer games, trailers and extra features you can download from the Internet to local storage, e.g. on exchangeable memory like an SD memory card. The technology gets you the most from your movie watching. In the near future BD-Live will enable users to join in quizzes and challenge each other in super interactive games.

Panasonic Blu-ray Disc™ theater and player models are equipped with an SD Memory Card slot and USB terminal. You can immediately view motion images recorded with an HD camcorder in AVCHD format, and JPEG images taken with a digital still camera. The DMP-BD80 can also play DivX data recorded onto a USB memory device.

Individual image slideshows
You can also create a special mood or theme by selecting some memorable music to play on your Blu-ray disc player at the same time. Use the slide show feature to present your photos to your friends and family as they sit back and enjoy your films and photos.

Capturing special occasions such as birthdays and holidays with a high resolution digital camera or HD camcorder is fun, but reliving those moments afterwards can be frustrating. People crowding around a small computer screen or pile of photos just don’t do justice to those original moments. However, thanks to Panasonic’s HD networking abilities, your family and friends can now enjoy your holiday photos and home movies on the large widescreen TV right in your living room!

Blu-ray High Clarity Sound
Hear the details you may have been missing. Eliminating the analog video signal output prevents noise from being generated by analog video signals allows for crisp, clear sound recreation from digital sound signal.

Eliminate unwanted noise and enjoy the same true, rich sound quality from the DMP-BD80 Blu-ray disc™ player as it delivers in high-quality Blu-ray video. True to life sounds that surround you as if you were really there. Feel and hear the difference that only Panasonic Blu-ray disc™ players can deliver.

When the analogue video terminal is not being used, the electrical current that flows through the analogue video circuit can be stopped. This prevents adverse effects on the audio signals and produces an even clearer sound. The results are astounding.

The Blu-ray Disc™ theater and players feature decoders that are compatible with all of the latest 7.1-channel surround sound formats used by the Blu-ray Disc™ standard.

The 96kHz Sound Re-master function enhances the sound quality of CDs and other sources It even raises the quality of the multi-channel audio data on Blu-ray Discs™ and DVDs. By increasing the amount of sound information the Surround Re-master can produce highly realistic sounds.

The 7.1-channel analogue signal converted by the new 192kHz D/A converter is transmitted in high quality. This signal can be connected to a receiver that does not support HDMI.

PHL Reference Chroma Plus Technology
While Panasonic Blu-ray players already produce superb picture quality, the passion it has for innovation encourages Panasonic engineers to continue bringing the very latest in cutting edge audio and visual technology together.

UniPhier is an incredible new image and audio processor, which combines P4HD technology with the proprietary Panasonic Hollywood Laboratory (PHL) Reference Chroma Plus technology, resulting in a processor that deftly handles images by reproducing colours and textures that are faithful to the original film, and offers precise digital audio processing. This brilliant new feature combines art and science to bring you the ultimate in high-end entertainment!

P4HD Technology
To get the best high definition images from a Blu-ray disc, you need a player that renders high-quality progressive images, expresses motion smoothly, and draws sharp diagonal lines. The Panasonic-unique P4HD technology processes more than 15 billion pixels per second, generating each pixel correctly according to information obtained from up to 60 surrounding pixels, and applies the optimum processing to every pixel in the video data on the disc. The result is images with exceptional resolution.

From the Panasonic Hollywood Laboratories, research which is held in high acclaim by Hollywood professionals provides the background for the unique PHL Reference Chroma Processor Plus developed by Panasonic. Here Panasonic studies and improves restoration, colour correction, compression and digital conversion, so that the unique PHL Reference Chroma Processor Plus expresses the fine details and nuances of movie scenes by reproducing clearer colour boundaries, providing all the qualities that a Blu-ray disc has to offer


Features: Spec at a Glance:

PHL Reference Chroma Processor Plus

BD Live

7.1 ch Lossless Decode

7.1 ch Analogue Out


High Grade Audio Parts

Quick Start

Viera Cast

Eco Friendly Low Power Consumption

Viera Link

Intelligent Auto Stand-by


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